I am a designer and artist. I make beautiful hand made wedding invitations made to order to the couple’s specifications. Each invitation is made by me exclusively. The fonts are laser printed then hand stamped by me one at a time.

I have been making handmade greeting cards for several years and have decided to branch out into wedding invitations. The pleasure of working with a couple and designing original pieces of one of a kind art is very rewarding to me and the betrothed. We work as a team to make something that they can be excited about sending to their guests.

The process starts when the couple sends me some examples of things they like. I can turn their dream into a reality by using the example and turning it into a similar but completely unique idea. We experiment using colour, texture, paper, fonts and patterns to create a unique work of art. Couples appreciate the personal contact working with one person who is receptive to their ideas and dreams. The final invitations are not started until they approve every step of the way.

Although I do need a couple of months to prepare and complete the process, I am more flexible than most companies who need 6-8 months’ notice. This is also a very welcoming stress free option for people who have so many things to do for a wedding.


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