Exciting Week for My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop has been a buzz of activity this week for two reasons. It was chosen as a feature shop in one of my teams. And to make my week even better, a treasury I made is on page one in the Etsy “hotness” pages. For those who aren’t familiar with Etsy I will explain why this is so exciting.

I was honoured this week to have one of my wedding invitations be the feature for one of my teams. Everyone on the team would see my invitation, have the opportunity to “like” it and then make a treasury using it. This gives my item and my shop huge visibility and allows others to see it and also “like” it. It also gives me the opportunity to Pin it and Tweet it for even more people to see it. It was a thrill to see so many treasuries with my invitation in each one.

To make my week even more interesting one of my treasuries has made it to page one in the “hotness” pages. There are 1250 pages full of treasuries people have made so for mine to be on page one is awesome. Getting your treasury on page one is almost impossible without paying to have it be there. I didn’t pay but I have worked hard at promoting it.

Etsy is a site for selling handmade or vintage items. I have a shop with some examples of wedding invitations. It’s not like a regular shop where you just wait for people to buy, however. The idea is to promote other shops so they in turn will promote yours. This week was a perfect example of how it works. As I was promoting a treasury of other shops, they were promoting my item.

It’s a team of people who have a common goal. Etsy encourages people to promote each other. They discourage self-promotion. It’s Karma! I work hard to get your items on page one and you promote my item on many treasuries. Win/win!



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