Maybe It’s Summer All year Round

We revamped one of our gardens to become a memorial garden for our daughter, Justine who died in a car accident a year ago. The fact that I had been given 2 very generous gift cards from my neighbours and TOPS group made choosing just the right plants very enjoyable. I was very happy picking out purple foxglove and irises and lovely white columbine. I even found a pretty yellow hosta rimmed in blue. Purple was her favourite colour and I thought white and yellow seemed a lovely combo. A few people have asked if they can plant something in her memory there too and that is so wonderful.

While I was outside in the sunshine this morning on a most glorious day I was so happy. I was so excited to get planting all the beautiful plants. The garden was taking shape and it looks very pretty. Suddenly, I got very sad. Justine loved summer and it just seemed so unfair that she endured a very hostile Canadian winter and now that summer is here, she isn’t here to enjoy it. One of her very last posts on Facebook was “Summer plz!” She will never experience summer.

I shed a few tears and then I thought, what if it’s summer where she is all the time. No more awful winter driving, snow storms, ice storms, freezing rain or frigid weather! Maybe where she is every day is just perfect, like today is. I will try to remember that when ever I am feeling sad. Endless summer and Justine! The perfect combo!



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