The Power of Networking

I belong to several Facebook groups and Etsy teams. I was very slow to understand the importance of joining Social Media Networking. I didn’t see the value in belonging to a small intimate group. It became evident after I was a member, however, that it is very beneficial to business. When we share and support other people in our groups then everyone benefits.

We get to know each other personally too. New relationships grow and friendships are formed. There is an intimacy within a group and we all appreciate each other. We can count on each other to like and promote our business and that creates a bond.

It’s fun too! When we feel a sense of belonging and feel supported then we really enjoy engaging with the group. I want to like and comment on posts on Facebook because helping others makes me feel good. Making treasuries on Etsy is really enjoyable and brings out my creative style. There really isn’t a big time commitment but the rewards are invaluable.

I would recommend starting a group or joining several groups. If you are unsure what to expect then join one or two. You can search for groups with people who have something in common or who just have small businesses and you can begin promoting their business and they will reciprocate. Watch how the laws of attraction begin to work as you start helping others.20140624-132356-48236397.jpg


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