Puppy LOVE❤️

How things can change so quickly!

My coworker mentioned she had a new shelter puppy. She told me the story of how the pup’s mother was rescued from a kill shelter and was pregnant. She had 11 puppies! One little pup was left and the woman had to have surgery so my friend took the last puppy. She already has 3 dogs.

The puppy is 4 months old and a Shih Tzu. We had a Shih Tzu for 17 years and have been without a dog for 3 years. I had always wanted another dog but my husband realistically thought we should enjoy our freedom since we are empty nesters. I reluctantly agreed that he was right but secretly longed for another dog.

My daughter has always wanted a dog, however, so I thought this pup might be a perfect match for her. She has a good job and bought herself a new house last summer. She and I went to see the pup and bring her home for a short visit. I fell I love immediately. She is adorable and very well mannered. We called and asked if we could keep her overnight.

My husband fell in love too and the rest is history. It turns out that my daughter needs a little more time before she makes a commitment and we have decided to keep our little bundle of joy! My daughter will be dog sitter when we go away and that works for everyone.20140601-100939-36579332.jpg


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