How To Be Patient When Having A Computer Malfunction

I am almost finished a wedding invitation order. Everything is ready to go but with a few laser printed items to do, my printer decided to act up. It is not out of toner but must’ve gotten scratched and is leaving black marks on my otherwise lovely font. This is not something I need right now.

What to do? Off I went to Staples and thought I could just pick up a new toner cartridge and be back to finish up. But NO! They have to order online, something I could have done from home! This happened yesterday and they promised me the toner would be delivered to my house today. Tick tick tick tick…..

I decided to get some other things done while I wait. I have pasta sauce simmering and other errands done and am hoping to just work straight through when the toner arrives. I know this is going to be VERY SOON! How do I know that? I believe in the laws of attraction. I trust things will work out and they usually do.

What do you do when things sometimes don’t go as planned? I could sit here and tear my hair out but what good would that do? I have decided to use the time I have to be productive in other ways and know that everything will turn out just fine.

And it gave me time to write my blog. See? It all worked out.



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