My 29 year old daughter, Justine died in a tragic car accident 2 weeks ago. My life completely turned upside down over the following few days and weeks. My family came from Vancouver, Florida and other areas in Ontario, Canada where I live. For several days we banded together night and day trying to make sense of something that can’t be comprehended. Flowers, food, cards, friends and neighbours came flowing into my home. It was very comforting but exhausting.

After we spent 2 full days visiting with over a thousand people at the funeral home and gave our girl a wonderful service, lovely lunch and a party at the house afterward we thought things would settle down. There is so much to be done following the death of a loved one and we had meetings, meetings and more meetings sorting out her affairs. It was easy to get up, get dressed and out the door when something was scheduled every day.

Now I just want time to grieve and be quiet and still. Making wedding invitations will allow me time to just sit with myself and create something beautiful that will be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for a couple. This will be my therapy and I am looking forward to finishing up my hundreds of Thank-you cards and getting back to work.



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