I never thought I would be writing this

My 29 year old daughter, Justine was tragically killed in a car accident last week. The outpouring of love and support we have received is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Flowers, food, cards. visits, prayers, messages, phone calls and donations to her favourite charities are just a few of the many gift we have been given since we lost our girl.

I made a huge stack of thank you cards today (50+). It is very therapeutic to make hand made cards and that is how I started this business in the first place. To receive something handmade is very special but it’s also very rewarding to make something from nothing. You start out with a blank canvas and end up with something lovely. It most definitely a form of art and there is something magical about it.

Making wedding invitations is always such a rich experience because it is just the beginning of such a happy occasion. Creating something unique for each couple brings joy into my life and I look forward to getting back to work shortly.


5 thoughts on “I never thought I would be writing this

  1. Cathy, we love you. We will always be here as a support for you. Although we do not know what you are going through, we will surround with our love always.

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